Equestrian Future & Saddlebox

Equestrian Future & Saddlebox

At Saddlebox we can finally answer all the customers who asked us, when will you be present in Sweden? And finally we can tell you that, we have achieved it! We do not do it with anyone, we do it through the reference store in Sweden: Equestrian Future Sverige.

During the days in which we were present at Spoga we reached an agreement to include Saddlebox's portable tack lockers in its online shop.

Equestrian Future Sweden, is a family-owned company that established itself in early 2019, based in Kungsbacka municipality. Horse interest has been part of the family since the early 1960s and the passion for equestrian sports has only increased over the years, and horses are an obvious part of our lives today. After following the development of the industry all these years, they realized more and more that there is something missing: "Quality-assured brands and products at good prices".

They are presenting and selling other high quality brands, to become the complete online store for quality and price conscious riders. They can also be seen at fairs and equestrian competitions, as well as a showroom where they invite to riders to special events.

Do not hesitate to contact Equestrian Future to order your Saddlebox in Sweden! As they say: “Everything is possible, but miracles take a little longer”.

Posted on 2019-09-21 by Team Saddlebox 0 4055

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