Hello, USA

Hello, USA

We are very proud to announce that, as of this month, we are ready to serve our custom high quality tack lockers throughout the United States.

We have been delivering our products to riders all over Europe for a year now, but the United States was a very big challenge in terms of logistics that we have surpassed! Therefore, you have already seen the US Cross and US Basic designs in our online store.

We will begin with the shipment of a first container full of high quality tack lockers that come to answer the demand of the first American customers of Saddlebox. We therefore send a mix of our three models: Single, Double and Olympic with their respective protective covers.

For Saddlebox, the United States is a very attractive market, among other things, for the following figures:

  •         • There are approximately 9.2 million horses throughout the country, of which almost 3 million are used in competition (dressage, jumping and eventing) and almost 1 million are used for racing.
  •         • Approximately 2 million people own horses.

In short, since this month, we opened a new world for Saddlebox and, we are very proud of it!

Posted on 2019-06-19 by Team Saddlebox 0 3178

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